The six missing ballot boxes in the Western Region has been confirmed by the Electoral Commission (EC) and has also proposed to replace them with new ones.

This EC chair cannot be trusted. How can six ballot boxes get missing? How can such big boxes fall off a pickup without it being noticed?

Were those boxes the sizes of ants and as a result making it hard to find them?

Who will need those boxes? and for what purpose can it serve anyone aside it being used for elections?

Does the EC want to tell Ghanaians they won't be able to locate those boxes if they travel back on the same route to search for them?

They certainly will unless the EC want to tell Ghanaians that some people have taken it to use as Latrine or rubbish bins which we greatly doubt.

Do plantains in trucks from Goaso or tubers of yam from Atebubu to Accra fall down without being noticed? These are what can fracture the peace we are enjoying.

Do those crying for peace also cry for justice in equal measure?

We will as a result hit on the EC not to replace them but rather get her boys to go back and find those boxes which got missing.

The fact is ballot box snatchers need other ballot boxes already stuffed to exchange with after snatching or stealing an original one from a polling station or a police station.

No one should blame anyone if anything undesired happens because the actions of the EC are those that won't keep people from agitating.

We see the possibility of a riot in Ghana if the EC wants to persist on this dubious, illegal and mischievous path it has been embarking on since her appointment.

From where we sit together, the views of the thousands we come into contact with everyday, most Ghanaians don't think Ghana can be assured a credible election, the majority seriously doubt it.

Thank you
Hhhmm may God be praised always
Nana Kwadwo Akwaa
Adiepena Mirekua-Sarpong
Critical Thinkers international