Dear Benjamin Kwabena Boakye,

I have read with shock your unfortunate attempt at creating an impression in the minds of Ghanaians that Energy Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh has been untruthful to Parliament regarding the availability of the AG's opinion on the Ameri Relocation Project Contract.

In your statement two days ago, and its corresponding attachments of a response from the AG's office, you clearly, misunderstood the response, which for me is quite surprising because of the abundance of clarity thereof.

You wrote to the AG requesting the office to provide you with its opinion on the EPC sole sourcing contract on the AMERI Relocation Project. Now, that is materially distinguishable from the AG's opinion on the AMERI Relocation Project Contract.

The response from the AG on your request is apt, because it is trite knowlege that, in a decision to sole source a contract, the relevant institution seeks approval from the PPA as required by law with justifiable reasons for same.

Your request therefore, Senior, was misplaced and misconceived. The response you got was the response you will get any day.

Let me state that, there is indeed in existence, a written opinion from the AG on the AMERI Relocation Project Contract.

As has been said countlessly, the relocation of the AMERI Power Plant from Takoradi to Kumasi comes on the back of a Grid impact study done by GRIDCo 10 years ago, that a Power Plant is needed in Kumasi for power stability in the northern belt of our country. This obviously, way,predates Dr. Prempeh as Energy Minister. The technical implications and the positives thereof, I believe is not lost on you. Let me rehash unequivocally, that, no contract has yet been signed and therefore engaging you on figures will amount to a phantomised wild goose chase.

Senior, on the back of the foregoing and the many back and forths between ACEP and the Ministry, I want to believe you will have enough reasons to backdown on your advocacy which for me has so far been hinged on bad faith and has been described by many as a "pair trawling mission to find fault", far from what you describe as "anti-corruption and the protection of public interest", on the back of the available evidence.

Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh for the avoidance of doubt, has been truthful to Parliament, every step in this transaction and continues to provide full disclosure in the spirit of good governance and democratic accountability.

The interest of Dr. Prempeh as Energy Minister is to ensure that the lights are on in every part of our country and the nation is kept moving. He will thus, ensure and is ensuring value for money in every transaction in the supreme interest of the Republic of Ghana.

Kind regards,

Kofi Abrefa Afena