The weekend was on its way. I was looking forward to this one particular weekend for a while now. Brimming with enthusiasm, I positioned myself on my scooter and started riding back home.

It was a cold winter evening. Chilly breeze blew in my face as I rode and a distinctive spark had brightened things around. Looking back, the spark must have definitely been an outer reflection of my inner ecstasy. I must have been in a state of trance then. All of a sudden, a loud noise broke my state of inertia and I found myself on the road (literally). I fell on my face and took a minute to realise what had actually happened. I got up at once and reached out for my scooter.
A couple of people were already attracted to my heroic landing. One of them picked up my scooter and parked it along the footpath. They were concerned about the big fall I just had. Maybe I was still in denial and not too sure of whether I had hurt myself. These people saw what I didn’t. They saw blood trickling down my face and looked visibly concerned. During those few minutes spent with them, I reassured them that I stayed close-by and would manage to cover the rest of the distance without causing further damage. After a lot of persuasion, they checked my scooter and allowed me to leave.

When I saw the mirror after reaching home, I saw the reason for their concern on my face. I had bruised it well enough to scare casual onlookers. My bruised, swollen face garnered a lot of attention for the next few days. A lot of observers were worried about the scars that those injuries would leave behind. Time passed, injuries healed and the number of people with advises on my marks only increased. Till one day, when I finally decided to inspect them and look into the seriousness of the matter.

I peeped into the mirror and all I could do was thank my stars. I counted my blessings - in the people who reached out to me in that moment, in the forces that saved me from deeper damage, in the marks that shined close to my right eye, between my eyes and over my lips, in the people who looked after me while I recovered. It has been over a month now and every time I see those scars, I embrace them! I embrace them with pride, they are a visible reminder of the supernatural force that presides over us. I embrace them, they are mine.

—By Nikita Gupta