Ghanaian media personality, MzGee, has recounted a period in 2021 when she was declined an opportunity to work with Despite Media because she leaned more towards the English language.

Narrating the incident during an interview with Abeiku Santana, MzGee recalled that it happened when she once paid a visit to Fadda Dickson to deliver a plaque.

She said upon arrival at Fadda’s office, she met Abeiku Santana, who introduced and spoke highly of her to the former.

MzGee said Abeiku then asked Fadda Dickson if he could consider employing her and it was that moment Fadda gave a discouraging response.

According to MzGee, Fadda at that time, showed zero interest in her simply because she wasn’t articulate in the Akan language.

Recalling the incident with Abeiku Santana, she said,

“Years ago, I came here with Don and Capito. We were going to present a plaque to Fadda Dickson upstairs. Cast your mind back in 2021, when we got upstairs and you did the introduction, what did you say? Do you remember? That was my first time of meeting Fadda Dickson.

"After giving me accolades, you asked Fadda whether he will employ me and he said he doesn’t like any English-speaking shenanigans in the company. He said I should stay in my English field. Fadda did not accept me in 2021.”

MzGee, who is now the host for UTV’s United Showbiz, said Abeiku believed in him and accurately predicted her future.

“What did you use to call me at that time, the Wendy Williams of Ghana right? Before now you knew me, you predicted my future. You didn’t see me as a photocopy or an imitation.”

Although, assuming the seat as the host for United Showbiz has been saddled with attacks and backlashes from naysayers, MzGee has since remained resilient.

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