A political activist Fadi Daboussi has expressed disgust at the tendency by the government to favour foreign contractors over their local counterparts describing the frequency as inappropriate.

Speaking during a press conference in Accra on what he said are issues bedeviling the country and which must be considered by all Ghanaians, he took exception at the manner in which the expansion works at KIA was awarded. “The contract was given to a Turkish company at almost thrice the amount bid by a supposed American company. I know that the government would deny this but when they do we expect them to show us the tenders that were submitted to make it convincing.”

He posed a question as to “why foreign contractors are favoured over our own Ghanaian brothers and sisters in the same business?”

According to him this is the way we have been enslaved under the John Dramani-led administration adding “I make a passionate appeal to Ghanaian contractors to stand up to the atrocities meted out to them by this insensitive government that has sole-sourced most of its projects.”

Most projects in the country, he revealed, are in the hands of an individual who is close to the government.

Fadi Daboussi described the alleged bribing of Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) by the elements of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as the most disgusting to happen in recent times.

“The Bugri Naabu scandal is the most disgusting that Ghanaians have had to contend with in recent times.”

He counseled the IGP to be mindful of his utterances as he asked whether the Police chief has not watched some insulting clips on TV which according to him are in bad taste. “We have not heard your condemnation or even action regarding these clips. “Was that a slip of your readiness or is it because you are under instruction to turn your face to the opposite direction,” he mocked the Police Chief.

The ruling party's Green Book, he said, is full of half truths and in some instances outright lies pointing at, for instance, Hannah Tetteh's claim that they had created 400,000 jobs.

Persons close to government are laying hands on prime lands in Accra, he said, adding this has left government with just a small fraction of the original.

Present at the press conference was Abu Ramadan former National Youth Organiser of the People's National Convention (PNC).

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