eFootball in 2018 - The Year in Review


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  • The highlights of 2018
  • The most important stats and facts of the year
  • A look ahead to 2019

The highlights of 2018:

28 January 2018: The road to the FIFA eWorld Cup™ 2018 began in Barcelona, where 16-year-old 'F2Tekkz' surprised everyone by winning the first FUT Champions Cup event of the year. It was a triumph that the young prodigy would go on to repeat, as 2018 neared its end…

15 April 2018: Mosaad 'Msdossary' Aldossary beat off fierce competition to win the second FUT Champions Cup event of the year in Manchester and kick off what would be a remarkable season for the Saudi Arabian.

20 May 2018: Brondby staged an unbelievable comeback in the second leg of the final to win the FIFA eClub World Cup™ in Paris for the second season running.

29 May and 2 June 2018: The 16 Xbox Finalists and 16 PlayStation Grand Finalists set to compete at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 were confirmed at the EA SPORTS Playoffs in Amsterdam.

4 August 2018: ‘Msdossary’ became the second Saudi Arabian player to become FIFA eWorld Cup Champion at 'The O2' in London. He capped an outstanding tournament performance by beating Belgian rival 'StefanoPinna' in the final and becoming EA Sports FIFA 18 World Champion.

24 September 2018: ‘Msdossary’ met the world’s best footballers at The Best FIFA Football Awards in London.

3 October 2018: The FIFA eWorld Cup™ Grand Final 2018 won the 'New Esports Competition’ Award at the Esports Business Summit in Las Vegas.

28 October 2018: The road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 started in Paris, where the American 'Joksan' lifted the Continental Cup 2018 to win the first event of the season.

12 November 2018: 'Msdossary' won the eSports Console Player of the Year Award at the eSports Awards in London.

2 December 2018: 'F2Tekkz' repeated his heroics from back in January and won his second FUT Champions Cup of 2018.

16 December 2018: Reigning FIFA eWorld Cup champion 'Msdossary' won his second FUT Champions Cup title of 2018 and became the world’s first player to win a major tournament in FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and FIFA 19.

The stats and facts of 2018:

  • Over 20 million players competed on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018
  • Over 29 million digital viewers watched the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2018
  • The FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 was broadcast in German, English, Spanish and Chinese
  • $400,000 USD in prize money was paid out at the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2018
  • Brondby remain the only club to have been champions of the FIFA eClub World Cup
  • Aside from 'F2Tekkz' and 'Msdossary', no other player won a FUT Champions Cup event in 2018
What comes next?

2019 promises more excitement than ever before, countless tournaments and, of course, the highlight of season: the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. There are also further FUT Champion Cup events scheduled to take place, as well as the FIFA eClub World Cup and the first FIFA eNations Cup™.

The standout events of 2019:

January: FUT Champions Cup #3
February: FIFA eClub World Cup, FUT Champions Cup #4
March: FUT Champions Cup #5
April: FIFA eNations Cup, FUT Champions Cup #6 and FIFA Online 4 Champions Cup
June: Xbox and PlayStation Playoffs
Summer 2019: FIFA eWorld Cup 2019

You can find information on every event here as soon as the dates are confirmed.

Source: fifa.com