Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Nii Osah Mills has revealed that the first phase of the first Eco-park in West Africa in the Achimota Forest zone will be kick started in 2018.

According to the minister, the project the completion of the project will lead to a significant boost in Ghana's economy and make the tourism industry in the country an envy of many.

He explained that the such parks are common in southern and eastern parts of Africa but West Africa cannot boast of any hence Ghana's position to become the first country to launch such a project will pull investors into the tourism industry of the country leading to positive economic changes.

“We have such parks in southern and Eastern Africa but we do not have some in West Africa. So when we have the facility, people will be attracted to Ghana; it will be a magnet to rake in revenue, flights, tour guides, food and hospitality industry among others,” he said.

According to him. agreements have already been agreed with investors to ensure the project is kick started as necessary papers have been signed to that effect.

Prior to this, there had been a site evaluation by a committee from UNESCO which will consequently give its verdict on the evaluation in Poland.

Ghana is already on course to listing the Mole National Park as a World Heritage Site by July 2017 with Lake Bosomtwe already being listed.