In 2022, Activatingatt is rebranding to BitiQ, helping cryptocurrency enthusiasts have a chance to enter the market and learn something new. 

Cryptocurrencies have become very popular throughout the world. There are some coins that have hit it big and some solid performers that are growing each day. Traditional types of trading platforms tend to make it difficult to trade for the average investor, but BitiQ here is to change up the industry. 

The goal of BitiQ is to make cryptocurrency available to everyone. BitiQ offers some of the lowest rates in the market (free), the best customer service, and plenty of great features that help them stand out from the crowd. 

Reasons Investors Should Choose BitiQ for Their Trading Needs

Compared to Activatingatt, BitiQ is going to make some big changes in the world of trading cryptocurrency. With cryptocurrency poised to make some big moves in the future, now is the time for customers and investors to jump in and see where it can take them. 

There are many benefits to choosing BitiQ as the trading platform as the right one for you. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Accounts are free: Investors are able to use BitiQ for free. This saves money when it is time to start investing in cryptocurrency and more can go into your investment rather than to BitiQ. Through various affiliate partners, BitiQ will still get paid while customers are able to get a free account. 

  2. Customer service that is out of this world: BitiQ provides a dedicated customer service team who will be able to answer questions and be easy to contact any time the customer needs them. 

  3. Enhanced security: Say goodbye to sites that are weak and can let hackers get in with ease. BitiQ provides enhanced security protocols to help all customers get the best results while knowing their money is safe on this platform. 

  4. Accessible to all: While some platforms make it hard for some customers to get on and invest because of difficult software or specific outlines for which operating systems they will use, BitiQ is easy to use and accessible to everyone. 
One thing that many customers will enjoy when using BitiQ is the automated solutions. This makes it easier for them to choose their parameters and let the platform handle their investments, without having to worry about sudden spikes that can make it hard to maintain their investment. 


BitiQ is Ready to Take the Cryptocurrency Industry By Storm

BitiQ is the trading website that is here to change the cryptocurrency market. By providing a simple and affordable cryptocurrency trading platform, BitiQ provides a simple solution to help customers get started with all of their trading needs. 

There are many ways that traditional trading websites can be difficult to use. They tend to be expensive, they require a lot of software to even begin, and the security and customer service are almost non-existent. 

This is where BitiQ can shine. By choosing this cryptocurrency platform, customers will be able to access cryptocurrency on their terms and get a chance to see what this currency is all about. 

Pick BitiQ For Your Cryptocurrency Investment

Investors who want to get a free account, great customer service, and enhanced security all in one must choose BitiQ in 2022. Compared to Activatingatt, BitiQ provides some of the best in cryptocurrency trading to bring you into a new year.