If sources in the French police are to be believed, Kim Kardashian is not getting her stolen jewelry back.

Police sources say the multimillion pound cache of jewels stolen from her during her terrifying ordeal at the hands of robbers in Paris has been melted down or re-cut and sold off.

The haul includes the £3.5million diamond engagement ring that she received from rapper husband Kanye West.

A source said the reality star is ‘is unlikely to get them back’. Speaking on the modus operandi of jewel thieves, Jerome Guillochon, president of a French jewellers federation said: ‘They separate the stone from the metal.

‘On one hand, they will melt the metal, and on the other, they will usually cut the stones completely, in order to remove all markings or modify the shape. ‘Because if there is a typical shape in exceptional jewellery, if there is a ring in the shape of a cushion, they can perhaps cut it in circles.’ Ms Kardashian’s ring had the name of the sports company Adidas carved into it, and was easily recognisable.

Guillochon said the jewelry may have been altered using technical equipment including lasers after which it could have fetched millions on the black market.

Source: Daily Mail.