It has been said that tough times, unlike tough people, do not last. But for how long can one survive one misfortune after the other?
For Arielle Chodatton, sad times appear to know her by name and just when luck seems to be smiling at her she is plunged into another trouble.

Well, it all started when her loving parents split up resulting in a bitter custody battle that ended with her having to live with her father.

All the care and support from her father ceased after he re-married and she became homeless for months.

Just when the dark clouds of misfortune over her life appeared to be dispersing after she got a good job and settled down her marriage turned sour and her husband abandoned the ship.

Well if you wanna know the intricate details of how to make lemonade of the lemons life throws at you, watch Arielle tell her story to MzGee in this interview.

Watch the interview below:

Source: MzGee