The Ghana Commercial Bank (GBC) is on the path of merging the  the bank's system with the UT Bank and Capital Bank in order to provide better services to customers of the previous independent banks.

GCB assumed ownership of the two banks in August last year when the Bank of Ghana gave GCB the go ahead to own the two banks due to the lack of good corporate governance by the two banks as described by Dr Ernest Addison, who is the Governor of the Central Bank.

Due to the abysmal performance of the two banks, the Central Bank withdrew their licenses for the restructuring of the banking sector.

The combination of upon completion will make the GCB Bank the biiggest and most visible brand across the state, overseeing the affairs of over 180 branches, 20 agencies and 300 ATMs.

Moreover, this initiative will make the bank a strong one in terms of providing an array of solutions  to banking standards and needs upon completion of the merging next month.

The customers of GCB are therefore urged to continue accessing banking services through their original banking channels until notified about changes.

Also, stakeholders are assured of a superior and better banking experience from all bank channels.