Some aggrieved staff of the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) have dragged the bank to court on attempts to sack them over failed WASSCE results.

The staff secured a court injunction to halt the attempts to oust them because they did not obtain credits in English and Mathematics in their WASSCE, prior to their employment.

A memo, dated May 13, 2019, and titled “Report of Pre-tertiary Certificates of 2017 Clerical New Hires” from the Human Resource Department of the bank to the Deputy Managing Director, Operations.

According to the memo, out of 434 employed in the 2016/2017 season, only 277 had credits in both English and Mathematics, but 141 did not make a credit in either or both subjects, while five (5) failed to submit any WASSCE certificates and 10 submitted only Mature Entrance Exams Results.

So those up for the sack include the 141 who do not have credits in either Mathematics and English or both, the five who failed to submit their WASSCE results and those with Mature Entrance results.

“Per the proposed roadmap, the appointments of those who do not possess the minimum of a credit in English and Mathematics ought to be terminated,” the memo said.

But in the recommendation section, the memo noted that two of the affected workers have secured an injunction on the bank stopping them from demanding their WASSCE results, and from continuing the termination process.

In the memo, the HR Department, therefore, recommended a temporal hold on the move to sack those workers until the court case is determined.