As citizens, I think we should see it as a need to show concern towards our fellow citizens who have willing shown interest to join our security services, especially the police and the military by supporting them with certain security types of equipment such as chargeable lamps, batteries, raincoats, reflectors etc to encourage them as they preserve, protect and ensure peace and order within our society by combatting crime.

Most often, you will see policemen and women in uniforms mounting barriers at night in total darkness on our high ways, communities etc with their guns hanging on their necks or beside their arms with one hand holding touch lights during checkpoints duties.

it’s unfortunate to say we have failed as citizens to be each other’s keepers by leaving all responsibilities on government. we expect everything, but contribute nothing to the welfare of our institutions.

Paying tax is a constitutional responsibility of every citizen for our own benefits.

But I believe we could do better to ensure that, the safety of our country is well protected without any shredded stress.

I urge all cooperate institutions to find it as a social cooperate responsibility to support our security agencies to strengthen the development and security of our country.

The Writer Is The CEO of Avcontech Security Consult

Nana Kweku Ofori Atta