Ghana Football Association's Head of Medical Committee, Dr. Adam Baba has disclosed that his outfit has provided a documented blueprint to the country’s football governing body on how to bring back the sport.

Among the things recommended in the over 30-page document, includes providing mandatory weekly tests for players and essential staff as well as playing matches behind closed doors.

Football competitions in the West African Nation remained suspended since March, following the outbreak of Covid-19.

The GFA is currently in consultations with its stakeholders on the fate of the season but Dr. Adams says emphasis must be placed on PCMAs before the leagues return.

“Our first priority will be education. The other thing is to really emphasise on the PCMAs. Before the league starts, it should be ensured that all participating clubs do it and do it well,” he said.

“Before you recruit a player, he has to undergo a medical examination and a fitness test. But all these, we just brush it, once he is playing somewhere, he comes, we just take the forms and get a doctor to sign.

“So what we shall do is to audit the PCMAs because this thing must be done for future purposes.

“We don’t know, any accident can occur and the international federation would want to know what he went through medically before you allow him to participate in the competition. If we fail to produce it, we might be penalized.”

“Before football returns, we are also recommending that all players be made to go through mandatory covid-19 tests and all games be played behind closed doors,” he concluded.