Slay Queen Nana Akua just loves to dress up.

She enjoys looking good and has over time registered herself on the minds of fashion enthusiasts that she is a maven when it comes to Red Carpet appearances.

The Wannabe actress who obviously is enjoying her new status as a stylish person admits that although she has not been active on the screens, her fashionista lifestyle has been very rewarding and she does not mind paying heavily to any designer whose work will bring the best out of her.

However, she has her reservations when it comes to Ghanaian fashion designers. She thinks most of them are not original and lack creativity.

“There are some very good Ghanaian fashion designers and I love wearing them but most of the rest don’t have an identity. They could move away from the “copy copy” designs and carve a niche for themselves by being creative in order to stand out” she told Showbiz in an interview.

The actress who has been killing it with her numbers at events in recent times admitted she spends heavily on what she wears in order to look good.

“I don’t joke with my appearances so I spend a lot on the designs I wear on red carpets. That is what has earned me global attention and I’m already using it to build my brand”, Nana Akua who is currently running some business deals in the USA said.

Asked how much her Leo Almodal dress she wore to the recently held BET Awards in the USA cost, Nana Akua said, “I don’t want to mention the price of my gown but the truth is that, a Leo design can cost GH¢60,000 to 10,000 cedis. That is not to say that is how much mine cost because I have a deal with the designer and doesn’t charge me as other clients.

But investigations by Showbiz reveals that the gown which has been topic of discussion on social media costs around $8,510 (almost GH¢35,000) and was first won by Australian-Filipino TV Host, singer, model and the 2016 Miss World Philippines 2016, Catriona Gray in May of this year..

Interestingly, Nana Akua who has earned many fashion awards back home disclosed to Showbiz the gown made of pearls was initially intended for her but she couldn’t pay for it so the designer had to give it out.

“I wanted to be the first person to wear this gown but there was no cash to pay for it so my designer had to sell it to Miss Phillipines when she saw it in the showroom. That explains why she was the first person seen wearing it but it was originally made for me,” she said.

Talking on how she felt when she finally got to wear the dress, the mother of two said that though people admired her in the dress, they had no idea she was struggling to keep her balance. The heavy dress weighed her down and was quite uncomfortable sometimes.

“I really had to be alert because it was a gown made of real stone pearls. You can imagine its weight but hey, I pulled it off in a grand style and I love every bit of that experience.

Nana Akua who has featured in movies such as Destiny’s Child, Blood, Wanna Be, Rain, Speechless, Never Again, Anokwa and Tears has produced her own movies - Wannabe and Nukuli.

She emerged winner at Miss Ghana Germany pageant in 2005 and was the second runner up at the 2005 Miss Malaika pageant.