Rapper and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Black Avenue Musik, D-Black, has described the Ghana Music Right Organization, GHAMRO, and the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) as terrible organizations.

He bemoaned the non-payment of royalties to musicians by GHAMRO as a huge blow to the financial state of artistes of which he is a victim of the situation.

The rapper indicated that the lack of accountability by GHAMRO and MUSIGA is a major hurdle that has become an impediment to the progress of the music industry and has placed some musicians in difficult situations.

Speaking in an interview with JoyPrime on the Celeb Biz Show on Sunday, September 24, 2023, D-Black fumed at GHAMRO for not paying his royalties and called for them to be held accountable.

“If I will speak bluntly, I would say that the structures that are in place for our music industry are terrible. GHAMRO is a terrible organization. There's no accountability. I don't know how much revenue I've made from GAMRO in my 13 years in the music industry,” he fumed.

“They've attempted to [pay the royalties], but there's no accountability. You can't tell me, oh, this is what we are giving everybody. It doesn't make any sense. When we receive our royalties from outside of the country, you get reports.”

He further disclosed that in foreign countries, records of the performance of songs are readily available, but the situation is different in the case of Ghana.

He further indicated that GHAMRO refused to accept assistance from foreign organizations to aid their operations.

“In New Zealand, the song was played 77 times between the months of May and August. On Spotify on, Apple Music, all this data is there. I know companies that are ready to come and assist Ghana for free, to set up organizations to track our music and disburse our royalties properly. GHAMRO refused to do so for whatever reason. I don't know."
Source: Ghanaweb