Virginia Palmer, the US ambassador to Ghana has celebrated the tolerance of Ghana and Ghanaians cautioning against looming discrimination especially against the LGBTQ community.

She said the country was strong and a stable destination for investment largely because of interfaith and interethnic tolerance.

Ambassador Palmer, however, cautioned that discrimination against LGBTQ people would send a wrong signal to American investors in general and must be avoided.

“Ghana is a very welcoming tolerant society, lots of interreligious, interethnic harmony and that is what makes Ghana strong and stable and attractive for investment. I hope it stays that way with regards to the LGBT community.

“And again, there is money to be made, if the colour of your money is green or red, it is Ghanaian but there if there is discrimination or worse, then that will send a signal to not just LGBT investors but other American investors that Ghana is less welcoming than I am telling people that it is now. So, I hope it will stay welcoming,” she told journalists.

She was speaking on the sidelines of the US-Ghana Business Expo which took place in Accra on August 10, 2023.

“I want to send a signal that Ghana is open for business and its economic recovery has began,” she added.

She revealed that the US group that had come to Ghana was a special trade delegation, the Global Diversity and Inclusion delegation that had reps from among others:

National Black Chamber

Women-owned businesses

LGBT-owned businesses

Native American owned businesses

Washington has openly spoken in favour of the LGBTQ community and have spoken against Ghana's anti-LGBTQ Bill which is due to be passed into law by Parliament during its next sitting.

Source: Ghanaweb