Ghana has suspended plans to get a partner for the new national airline.

This is because the work of the approval committee in the Public Private Partnership process has stalled following the election of a new government.

The halt in operations of the committee will continue until the incoming NPP administration concludes appointments to key ministries, departments and agencies and subsequently form a new approval committee.

The Committee is expected to approve the Request for the proposal from the ten shortlisted airlines.

Transport Minister, Fiifi Kwetey had earlier stated that the process should be completed in October this year.

It is however unclear when the new committee will be formed.

The new national airline has become imperative following the collapse of the Ghana International Airlines in 2010.

The Ghana International Airlines was established in 2004 with 70 percent shares held by the government and 30 percent held by a US consortium GIA-USA.

National airline necessary
The quest to revive the operations of a new national airline has been viewed by some observers in the aviation industry as an indispensable component of attaining the objective of becoming an aviation hub in the sub-region.

According to the Country Manager for Air France KLM, Dick Van Niewwenhuyzen, the increased infrastructure will build confidence in Ghana's aviation industry.

“I see new departure terminals being built; also Ghana recently launched its new cargo centre and I believe the country is undertaking these infrastructure because it sees growth, opportunities to expand the business. I think the market will remain same but the cake will be shared differently among participants in the industry,” he remarked.