A-Plus goes made at the Attorney General for declaring her disinterest in continuing with her court case of retrieving the GHC51.2 million that Alfred Agbesi Woyome defrauded Ghana of.

A-Plus has subsequently expressed his frustrations and anger with a message to former President Rawlings to do whatever it takes to rein in the greedy bastards and babies with sharp teeth that the political party (NDC) he single-handedly created has given birth to, to come to torment Ghanaians through their fondness for corruption and lawlessness.

Watch the video on A-Plus venting his anger at the deplorable attitudes by the NDC and his call on former President Rawlings to act now to set Ghanaians free from the devils he himself has indirectly helped to create!

Ghanaians and the whole world may be very much aware of the order issued by the Ghana Supreme Court to Woyome to pay back the GHC51.2 million he collected from the government because he did not qualify for the money. To the understanding of the court, he obtained the money fraudulently.

Two or more years after the Supreme Court’s order, Woyome has not refunded even a pesewa to Ghana and he has no intention to pay the money back.

The Attorney General has decided not to continue with any charges intended for forcing Woyome to pay back the money. Her decision to discontinue with the case arise from the fact that Woyome has alleged he collected the money for NDC so should he be pressured to refund the money, he would name every NDC member to whom he shared the money.

The NDC fearing the titanic commotion to ensue with the possible public anger to vote massively against them, President Mahama has ordered the Attorney General not to pursue the case any further but to abandon it for Woyome to keep silent about any intents he may have to blow the lid off the identities of the partakers of his swindling criminality.

I know for a fact that Mrs Betty Mould-Iddrisu had a chunk of the “create, loot and share” judgment debt payment of the GHC51.2 million to Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the 5-Star decorated Ghanaian swindler of the Century.

I join A-Plus to call on Ghanaians to vote massively against President Mahama and the NDC. They are all a big bunch of thieves who do not mean well for the majority of Ghanaians.

Abandon President Mahama and NDC in droves; the only way to compel Woyome and other such criminals to cough out the money they have so dubiously stolen from us.

A-Plus is again right to say “Abɛn Bɛ Bom”. I stand shoulder to shoulder with him to asking for the restitution of the money to the State by Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the Ghanaian No. 1 conman of the century.

Rockson Adofo