Ghanaian musician cum socialite, Wanlov the Kuborlor has said that politicians in the country are more criminal than fraud boys who utilized the resources gained from the West to take care of their families.

He explained that Ghanaian politicians use funds acquired from the West for their personal interest while the fraud boys spend the monies they gain from the West responsibly.

Speaking in an interview with popular Ghanaian blogger, Nkonkonsa, Wanlov Kuborlor said that fraud boys are less criminal in comparison with politicians in the country who are more interested in satisfying their personal interests.

He alluded to the government funds received from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which he said Ghanaians will pay for not government officials themselves.

“What is more criminal than a politician, going to the IMF to borrow money that they know they themselves will never pay, and they will use it for their own personal interests? Knowing Ghanaians will come and pay for it one day.

“They [politicians] are not stealing from the West but Ghanaians. Because the money that the West will come and take from Ghanaians who owe IMF will be five times more than what the ministers are borrowing. These ministers are stealing from us by borrowing. Who in Ghana are the Sakawa boys stealing from? Nobody. so the real criminals in Ghana are the politicians,” he noted.

He rebuffed claims that fraudsters are criminals citing their support to their families when it comes to the expenditure of the money they earn.

“For me, the most sensible people in Ghana are the Sakawa boys. They are people who are helping Ghana or their family or somebody somehow. Apart from them, everybody is stealing.

“They are not criminals because they are taken from the West. They take resources that have been generated in the West and they are using it to help themselves and their immediate families and their community sometimes,” he added.

Watch the interview below