For close to 7 months, Ghanaian students on international scholarships by the Government of Ghana through the Scholarship Secretariat have not been paid their bursaries due them.

This has made it difficult for the students to fund their education due to the challenges confronting them as a result of this situation.

We find this development unacceptable and criminal. Government must honor its side of the bargain by resourcing students it has sent on scholarships abroad.

The National Democratic Congress through this statement calls on government to pay these bursaries it owes Ghanaian students studying abroad. The situation is more critical in the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Our scholars in Ukraine particularly need these bursaries as they find themselves in precarious situations. As we speak, there are thousands of these Ghanaian students stranded even after being evacuated from Ukraine.

As some Ghanaian students in Ukraine have been evacuated safely to neighboring countries, these bursaries will be much needed to keep them afloat financially. The Scholarship Secretariat must work to have this resolved immediately.

The situation is not any different here in the country. As we speak members of the Graduates Students Association of Ghana have also not received their bursaries. Government has reneged on its duty to resource graduate students and has done nothing to remedy the situation.

We demand that government moves quickly to settle these outstanding bursaries as it is the life line of most graduate students.


George Opare Addo,

National Youth Organizer,

National Democratic Congress