Former President John Mahama has asserted that Ghanaians are more hungry under the Akufo-Addo government than under the previous National Democratic Congress government led by him.

He said the current state of affairs is contrary to what President Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party promised Ghanaians before assuming office.

“They [NPP] said Ghanaians were sitting on Money but they were hungry, however, today we are hungrier than when NDC was in government. Today ! Today! , Ghanaians are more hungry than when NDC was in Power”.

Mr.  Mahama said NPP has been exposed by the reality saying many Ghanaians have regretted voting out NDC government.

“Everywhere I go, in fact I have visited 8 regions, Eastern Region is the 9th region and wherever I have been, people are clamoring for NDC, they have regretted voting for NPP which they likened it to exchanging colour television for black and white. They explain that they were deceived by the big promises made by the NPP but are not seeing anything, their living standards not getting better, they are more hungry” .

He said this while addressing delegates of the NDC at Abiriw Akuapem in Okere Constituency as part of his four-day tour of the Eastern Region.

Mr.Mahama said though it was painful NDC lost the 2016 election, he believe it was a mysterious way God wanted Ghanaians to appreciate the developmental efforts made by the NDC at the back of the failed promises of the NPP.

“When we were in government, we were embarking on massive infrastructural development-constructing roads, extending electricity, providing portable drinking water,built CHPS Compound,Hospitals ,Community Day Schools, we eliminated school under trees among others but our brothers [NPP] belittled them and made big promises like $1million per constituency ,One District -One- Factory ,One-Village -One One-Dam, among others”.

“But God is great and does all things beautiful because though it was painful we lost, but today when you carefully look back you will notice that whatever God does is for a purpose. He wanted Ghanaians to have comparison of the two administration, because if we had won the 2016 election, some Ghanaians would have still not appreciate our efforts instead will presume that, if NPP had won, in Abiriw here they would have established a big company to create Jobs for the youth,the $1million dollars had been disbursed, or every village had gotten Dam among many others”.

He called for unity among the constituency executives to enable the party become formidable ahead of the 2020 polls.