During the NPP campaign in the run-up to the December 2016 General Elections, one of their selling points was their preparedness to fix the economy should they win power from the John Mahama-led NDC Administration.

Among other things to bring sanity into the economy, then vice-presidential hopeful, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, promised to ‘arrest’ the dollar, which was then giving the Ghana Cedi a difficult time on the exchange rate.

In one of his lectures, Dr. Bawumia, then not in office, stated that, “You can engage in all the propaganda you want, but if the fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you.”

In April last year, now-Vice-President Bawumia, revealed that, the NPP government had been able to arrest the free fall of the cedi in its first hundred days in office.

According to him, the interventions embarked on by the NPP administration helped to restore value in the cedi compared to what was bequeathed to them by the NDC administration.

The vice-president that the NPP administration had arrested the cedi, locked it up and handed the keys to inspector general of police.

“For the year, the cedi has appreciated in value. When we came in, it was running…essentially we have arrested it,” Dr. Bawumia asserted when he addressed a gathering to mark one hundred days in office by the NPP.

However, the cedi has depreciated against the dollar recently and many people have started asking questions about Bawumia’s earlier comments.

Not long ago, former president John Mahama jabbed Bawumia over the free fall of the cedi when he took to Twitter and shared a video clip of one of the vice-president’s lectures. He captioned it, “Today, GHC4.7 to $1. Weak fundamentals?”

Today, a dollar is almost GHC 5 and many Ghanaians have joined the bandwagon of mocking,Bawumia and calling on him to spring into action to save the falling cedi.

One such social media user, Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo, shared a clip of when Dr. Bawumia revealed that the dollar had been arrested and mockingly asked the vice-president where the keys were.

Another social media user, shared a fake conversation that purported to share a Facebook Messenger conversation with Bawumia over the whereabouts of the dollar.

Another Facebook user, OB Amponsah, had this to say about the falling cedi

OB, a Ghanaian comedian, added more pressure on Dr. Bawumia with another post

Another user called for the arrest of Bawumia and the IGP

More trolls came through.