Ghanaian Filmmaker Leila Djansi has advised Ghanaians to “plan” for four more years of a John Mahama led government.

In a Facebook post early this week, Djansi shared her thoughts on why she believes Mahama is likely to win a second term and encouraged citizens to plan for the next four years.

The ‘Ties That Bind‘ Director campaigned for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2012, and has expressed her regret in interviews and on Social Media.

Read her full status below. 

Ghana folks, instead of ranting about needless things, y’all need to condition your minds that you have 4 More years of “edey beee” because fine guys have sweet tongues and know how to woo their prey. Please go and figure out how you’ll survive when the dollar “toaso’s” and hits 5ghc, when petrol goes up, when taxes hike up again and when your ECG honeymoon is over! Go buy barrels to store water and grow what food you can in your flower bed. Cos I tell you, it’s going to be a hard hard 4 years. Leave social media talk shops and go PLAN!!

Leila Djansi’s latest movie is ‘Like Cotton Twines‘.

It tells the story of Tuigi, a 14-year-old JSS student in a small Ghanaian village who has to become a ‘Trokosi’, a slave to the gods as a punishment to atone for her father’s crime.

Her teacher, Micah Brown, an America volunteer, wades into the fray and in attempt to rescue her from such cruel fate, must exorcise his own demons when he returns to the land where his ancestors were taken from as slaves.

Jay Ellis (The Game, HBO’s Insecure) plays Micah Brown whilst Ophelia Klenam Dzidzornu plays Tuigi.

Yvonne Okoro, David Dontoh, Mawuli Semevo, Luckie Lawson and Adjetey Anang also play various roles in the movie.

“This film is almost akin to a marriage between Africans and African Americans. Our stories are deeply personal experiences that no one can tell to the world better than us. UMC is a foundation on which such stories can rest. I am continuously grateful that I am able to add to its tapestry.” said Djansi.

The movie premiered at the Los Angeles film festival in June 2016. It will be released on DVD in early 2017.

Source: kasapafmonline