Ghana's  African black soap also known as "alata samina" or "amonkyin" has invaded the south African market as it has become the main ingredient used  in one of south Africa's fastest growing cosmetic range, Corium products .

Corium products are all natural and they include body butters, scrubs, masks, soaps and serums. The ingredients used - which include aloe, mint, avocado, moringa, turmeric and African black soap, which she sources from Ghana.

Vuyisile Zondi, 27 owns Corium Products states on the product's website : saying: "they ..contain none of the nasty ingredients that are in so many of today's skincare and beauty products. If Mother Nature 
didn't make it, you won't find it in our jars."

"I would love to see Corium stocked on the shelves of leading cosmetic wholesalers and retailers. The products should be easily accessible to the consumer." she said.

African black soap is made using Plantain Skins (a very large species of banana), Cocoa Pods, Natural Salt, unrefined palm oil, lye   and rare tropical honeys that are known for softening the skin and creating a smooth surface. It does not contain any SLS (sulphates), artificial colour, fragrances or fillers.

This is more than just a business opportunity for Zondi . It's also about making sure people see the need to start using organic products on their skin.

"The challenge in growing this market segment lies in educating the consumer on the benefits of using natural products." she noted.

" The price tag for natural skincare products is heftier when compared with conventional products, but this is linked to the inherent benefits of the products."

The dream is now to see the product in the mainstream retail space and for it to be recognised by bodies like EcoCert, and the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of South Africa.