Ghana's national team has been honoured with the Fair Play Team award, highlighting their dedication to sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

Despite enduring three consecutive losses in the group stage, Ghana's conduct both on and off the field was commendable and garnered recognition.

The West African side began their tournament journey with a 5-2 defeat to Zambia in the opening match, followed by an 8-3 loss against hosts Morocco, who eventually clinched the championship.

In their final group stage encounter, Ghana experienced an 11-3 defeat to Angola, who went on to claim the silver medal at the competition.

Despite the disappointing results, Ghana's exemplary sportsmanship did not go unnoticed, leading to the Technical Study Group awarding them the Fair Play Team distinction.

Individual accolades were also presented to standout players from other participating teams. Morocco's Abdelkrim Anbia was honored as the Best Goalkeeper, while his teammate Soufian Charraoui received the Golden Boot award for his exceptional goal-scoring performance.

Furthermore, Bilal Bakkali from Morocco was recognized as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament.

As the tournament concluded, Angola and Libya secured their places as Africa's representatives for the upcoming World Cup, joining hosts Morocco on the global stage later this year.