Stacy Amoateng has been shaken by an unusual encounter with a fan who broke down in tears, thanking her for her inspiration.

The host of the inspirational programme, ‘Restoration with Stacy’ aired on Joy Prime shared this moving experience on her Instagram page.

“I have had the most humbling experience today at Melcom. As I went through the aisle a young woman approached me and said "Oh my God, I don't miss your show. You are such an inspiration. My name is Vivian. You give me hope," Mrs. Amoateng said.

The popular TV personality better known for her “Music Music” show on TV3 narrated how she run into a young woman who approached her while she was shopping in Melcom.

The young woman, according to Stacy, burst out in tears telling her how much her show ‘Restoration with Stacy’ has touched her life.

“As I hugged her, I felt fulfilled and thankful to God for giving me this grace to touch lives,” Stacy said in her post.