GoldStar Air is likely to commence operations by April 2017, barring any last minute hitch.

This comes on the back of the granting of an air carrier license by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, GCAA.

The Air Carrier License is among others an indication of the economic and financial strength and capability to operate as an airline.

According to the regulator,(GCAA), the license begins a five stage process that will culminate in an air operator certificate, for a full take off by GoldStar Air.

“GoldStar will have to get their manuals for their operations together and present them to the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority; so the process has begun for the company to go through the certification process to get an air operator certificate. It could take longer depending on how compliant or responsive they are to the process,” the Deputy Director General for Technical at the GCAA, Martey Boye Atoklo told Citi Business News.

Mr. Atoklo further explained that the successful completion of the process should intensify competition in Ghana’s aviation industry.

“It means that the whole civil aviation sector will become more competitive; the numbers are being added onto so it is more beneficial to the civil aviation and the economy as a whole,” he remarked.

The remaining four processes include; formal application, documentation on manuals on training of air crew; demonstration of the operations with the inspectors as well as the completion and the provision of air operators certificate.

GoldStar Airlines plans to operate regional and international flights when its activities start in full.

Regional flights include; Abidjan, Monrovia, Freetown, Dakar, Guinea Conakry while the long haul flights include; Dubai, Guangzhou and London.

The CEO for GoldStar, Eric Bannerman, tells says he is hopeful his outfit will work to complete the processes within the stipulated three to four month period.

“We’ve done the application and have the manual ready; plus all the personnel that is needed to carry out the operations are available. We therefore do not anticipate any delay in completing the process to get the air operator certificate,” he stated.