Government has begun the implementation of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP) as part of efforts at creating an enabling environment for startups and entrepreneurs.

NEIP gives startups the opportunity to access training, business advice and a space to establish their businesses.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo had on numerous occasions, announced his government’s intention to create the most business-friendly environment, through the empowerment of the private sector.

Speaking at the Maiden Executive Breakfast Meeting organised by the Business Council for Africa in Accra, Acting Chief Director at the Ministry of Business Development, Joe Tackie said, government is keen on providing the necessary assistance to startups and young entrepreneurs.

He said: “Under the Ministry of Business Development, we are implementing the National Entrepreneurship and innovation Plan (NEIP) and that is, taking care of young people who are anxious about starting their own businesses, and in so doing, there is the opportunity for them to be trained, there’s opportunity to provide them with spaces for them to begin to implement their ideas [we call them incubation spaces], then provide business advisory support to ensure that as startups, they can stay the course and be able to implement these businesses.

“The whole idea is to ensure that the president’s vision of making this country the most business friendly with the critical mass of entrepreneurs who have the great opportunities to implement will be achieved. And also, to ensure that we increase the rate of business formation, so that, by aggregate, we’ll get the private sector leading the economic development of the country and this is one of the key tenants of the vision of His Excellency the president, which we are implementing through the Ministry of Business Development.”