Greedy politicians in Ghana today have ushered the country into a realm of unbearable and unacceptable inequality, Nana Gabby Nketia, vice-presidential candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has said.

According to him, the trend must be reversed by voting into power the CPP and to also enable the country restore Ghana to its ‘good old days’ during the era of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first President.

Speaking at the launch of the CPP’s manifesto for the December 7 polls, on Saturday, October 29, at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, Accra, Nana Nketia said: “In Ghana today, the economy and social inequalities are becoming unbearable and unacceptable. This inequality is attributed to greedy politicians, winner takes all.”

“In Nkrumah’s Ghana today, Ghanaians feel their country is at a great risk of losing the one nation sprit. It is believed that the values of decency and tolerance are overlooked and the culture of responsibility is gradually being eroded. As a result, we are all feeling poorer and worse off. … Little wonder that [there is] a deep-seated fear on our streets and the economy is falling apart. Our society is more divided, breeding unemployment, insecure jobs and low-paying workers.”

“But I believe Ghanaians are yearning for a moral political direction to reinstate the good old days of Nkrumah’s ‘work and happiness’ that Ghana enjoyed before. And I want to put on record that in our humble view, it is only Ivor Greenstreet and the CPP that can bring back those good old days. So we are appealing to all of you to vote for Ivor Greenstreet as your next president of the Republic of Ghana and put Ghana back to where it was in the old days.”