It’s all thanks to our bosses for what we are today. Their precedence in the workplace guides everyone with utmost perfection and coordination. Whether they are strict, funny, troublesome or generous, bosses have always got their employees’ back. To show gratitude towards all bosses of all kinds, World Boss Day is observed on October 16 every year and the day is celebrated in every workplace with cakes, celebrations and champagne! Besides this, this day marks the relationship between a boss and their employee as well. Trust and understanding are very essential for every workplace environment.

Many times, employees do not understand the hard work that bosses do to get things moving and get them in order. Bosses face unparalleled challenges every day, but they never seem to break a sweat. World Boss Day is the perfect opportunity to appreciate them and be thankful for their dedication towards management and coordination.

To mark this day, we bring to you some popular memes on bosses that’ll get you cracking. These memes deliver a hilarious punch! Great_Learning (Credit: @Great_Learning, Twitter)

When it's just Monday and your boss has already started nagging.Me: "Drogon, burn his chair down right now!"…— Algoworks (@algoworks) 1558363292000

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Boss Banaa Basanti !!! #ccmemes #meme #memes #cafecomedy#funnymemes #basanti #office #boss #bosses #bossmemes…— Cafe Comedy (@cafecomedyindia) 1569503787000

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Pinterest (Credit: Pinterest)So cheers to all bosses out there!