Minority Leader and a former Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Haruna Iddrisu, has called the bluff of government over the double-salary allegation.

The former minister under the erstwhile Mahama administration claimed that the state rather owed him because he was underpaid.

The minority leader, who was speaking on the ‘double-salary saga,’ for the first time, disclosed that contrary to claims that he drew double salary while serving as MP-Minister, he was actually underpaid.

The ‘double-salary saga’ came up at the Parliamentary Leadership, an encounter with the Parliamentary Press Corps (PPC), held at Parliament’s Committee Rooms, in Accra yesterday.

Mr Iddrisu insisted that he had evidence to show that he was not overpaid.

He, however, hinted: “Since its under investigations, I’ll leave it under investigations but note that, the very government that says I’ve been overpaid or got double salary; there is absolute evidence that I was underpaid, so, they should go and look at their system failures.”

“I can give you evidence, for four years, I was never paid rent allowance but I could have never known… as there is overpayment, there is underpayment and we’ll deal with it as an employer-employee relationship matter without prejudice to whatever position they maintain,” he reiterated.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service is currently investigating the matter, inviting some of the accused persons for questioning.