The criminal offence Act makes it an offence for any person to corrupt a public officer.

Any person convicted of the offence may suffer a punishment of up to 3 years imprisonment.

Anas Amereyaw Anas was last Wednesday caught red handed in a video dialogue making some heart breaking confessions intended to corrupt public officers of our dear Republic.

He was heard making voluntary confessions and without undue influence or duress in the ff manners

I. He said the accused persons in a criminal case had enough money to settle everybody

II. Pursuant to that he stated unequivocally and with the confidence of a coacroach that he met the former DG of police CID Mr Adu Poku and paid him $75000.

I II. In response to the request of the prosecutor in the case he confirmed that he would transfer to her an amount of $5000.

These statements were made by Anas voluntarily. The video we saw was seamless. He cannot cry Wolf by saying it was cut and patched worked. He did cut and patched work against many whose reputations have been damaged from that. Some are maimed and others dead from tiger eye cut and patched work.

The difference here is that the video which condos and indices anas is seamless yet he’s crying. He’s being treated to his own medicine. I thought what’s good for the goose is equally good for the gander.

Anas has been caught in the Web. The police have no difficulty investigating him. A confession statement such as the one made by Anas is enough to secure a conviction. There’s no need for an independent confirmation yet I believe a conformation can be obtained as and when it’s necessary.