The ‘he doesn't touch me’ issues are common in marriages and can make you feel extremely lonely. You may also feel rejected, angry, and helpless, especially because you seem to have no explanation for why this is going on.

This is the case of Rita [not her real name]. She got married two months ago but unexpectedly, the newlywed is feeling somewhat rejected by her man.

Narrating her ordeal to relationship and marriage therapist, Abena Manokekame in a post on Facebook, Rita narrated that her husband has constantly refused to touch her after they got married and whenever she makes the move, she is given neither excuses nor verbal assaults.

“I got married two months now but am regretting it. My husband doesn't touch me like a man would and any time I try to touch him, he will give me excuses and sometimes insults me.”, portions of her post read.

She said, her husband has now resorted to coming home late from the office, and his presence in the house puts some fear in her as according to her, “he will start looking for mistakes in the house so that we can have a misunderstanding and fight with me.”

The clearly distressed Rita says she now feels her husband is not really into her, believing that perhaps, he decided to finally settle down with her because they already have had one child.

Rita says she has done everything a wife could do to make her husband happy, including preparing him his favourite food but her behaviour has always risen up against the status quo. She feels her submission is not being recognized.

“I don't know what to do because I actually do everything a woman is supposed to do. Even sometimes I will cook but he will still tell me to prepare another thing for him. I'll still do that no matter how late it is I will do it because our counselor told me that "if you say you love your husband you have to be submissive to him.”, she stressed.

Rita, who is now being torn apart, is seeking help to be certain of her husband's true love for her.

Read her full story below:

Source: Ghana Guardian