The Christmas tree, lights, plum cakes and warm, fuzzy socks are the indication that Christmas is just around the corner. Every year on the 25th, Christmas is celebrated to bring families together and preps begin for the most beautiful time of the year where bells ring and voices of happiness fill the year. However, what is Christmas without its traditions? One such popular tradition is ‘Secret Santa’ where people anonymously gift each other, as an act of love and rejoice.

The concept of Secret Santa started entirely as a Western tradition that gradually spread to different parts of the world. People are assigned the name of the other person, after which they have to gift something to that person in all secrecy. As this festival is all about gifts and rejoice, you will play the role of the Santa by secretly gifting the other person.

The concept of Secret Santa started off when a philanthropist decided to bring up the idea of anonymously gifting others during Christmas. The concept circulated to other countries where it is known by different names such as ‘Kris Kringel or Kris Kindle’ in Ireland, Secret Santa or Kris Kringle in Canada and Australia and more. This beautiful tradition always guarantees a smile on other people’s faces, and the only rule being, you have to gift it anonymously.

Secret Santa in workplaces

The tradition of Secret Santa is not only being followed among families but also by the school, college students and work colleagues. In fact, it has become a very popular culture in workplaces. Other than representing harmony, the tradition of Secret Santa connects people to one another, providing a strong bond essential for optimum productivity. Plus, who doesn’t want to be cheerful in their workplace?

The idea of starting Secret Santa in the workplace has been a very good decision as it brings some excitement amidst daily hoards of work. Everyone can write their names on a random sheet of paper and people can pick up any random name, all the while keeping it a secret. There are Secret Santa generators as well that automate and generate a name among your colleagues to gift. Many companies, Indian firms, MNCs have embraced this Western tradition because it is a great way to initiate bonding between employees and the company.

This friendly tradition has always been a success as people look forward to connecting with people. It has significant risen since the years as colleagues are even celebrating Secret Santa while working from home. This is the indication that the Christmas spirit comes alive everywhere. The best part is, presents!