President Donald Trump is wondering what is better ... Man of the Year? Or Person of the Year? Man of the Year? Or Person of the Year? He has no idea that they are planning to eliminate him just like they eliminated Hitler. Let’s take a look.

Something interesting
Did you know that Adolf Hitler was named the man of year by Time Magazine in 1938? World War II started one year later and America started bombing Germany 5 years later. The same magazine gives the same award to Donald Trump. Trump is obviously loving it. A fun fact: They made him sit in the same type of chair for the photo. Look closer ... even the design of the chairs is similar. They are also clearly writing on the cover page of how America will fall ... “President of the Divided States of America”.

Stab in the Back
Hitler often talked about the “stab in the back”. Do you know what is the “stab in the back” that he talked about? Here’s the thing ... before World War I ... Jews were very well settled in Germany. Germany hosted the largest Jewish population in Europe ... that was 500,000 plus. Jewish groups owned most of the industries and banks ... they were very active in almost every business ... they were given equal treatment as German citizens. But what our wonderful Jewish Bankers did was ... during World War I ... they asked Britain for land to create the State of Israel and in return promised to bring America in the war to destroy Germany. Before this, Germany was winning the war ... but once America bombed Germany ... they lost the war. Jewish Groups were given everything ... despite that they stabbed Germany in the back and destroyed Germany. This is the “stab in the back” that Hitler used to talk about.

Trump thinks that running a country is like running a business. He has no idea of the deceptive games that some groups play out there. If Trump keeps his guard down then a stab in his back can take down the entire country.

World War I – Banks
Why did they need Israel so urgently? What was the need that they left the most developed country in Europe for a piece of desert land in the Middle East? Why was Israel more important than Germany? Because our lovely Central Bankers ... had setup the Federal Reserve System ... and they were reaping in trillions from several countries. They needed a country of their own to store those reserves. They wanted to protect their loot ... with a military and air force of their own ... to protect themselves from the Christian European countries. Just in case ... these guys were busted with this massive reserves of wealth ... then everything would be taken away. The only way for them to stop it with maximum aggression was “creating the State of Israel” ... and creating its own army and defense force.

Shark Eats Shark – Jewish Bankers don’t give a damn about Common Jews

What you should note here is that ... these guys don’t give a damn ... of who you are or what you are. They follow a criminal ideology ... their business style is “shark eats shark”. Germany was a wonderful Christian country that gave them support in every way possible ... embraced them in every way. But for their own plan and to secure their malicious interest ... they gave the finger to Germany. And not just Germany ... these wars are “banker wars” ... Germany was hosting the largest Jewish population. They didn’t give a rat’s ass about the common Jews living in Germany. Forget about Christians and Germans ... they didn’t give a damn about their own fellow Jewish brothers and sisters. Shark eats shark ... is what they follow. These guys are criminals ... just like a lower gang member has to sacrifice his life to protect the boss ... they sacrifice the common Jews in the same manner.

World War II – Communism and Corporations

World War I was all about the Federal Reserve and creating the State of Israel. But when Hitler came to power ... he followed a Nationalistic approach ... he followed National Socialism. The major issue in Germany ... before Hitler came to power was that ... the country was going massively in debt. They were manufacturing everything ... German goods were being sold all around the world ... but still the country was going in debt. To address this issue Hitler moved Germany out of the World Monetary System that only created debt for the country ... and he printed his own money. That was a punch in the gut for the Central Bankers. And the next thing he does is nationalizes all industries ... he brought all of the manufacturing under government control. It created massive employment and progress for the country ... but it also took all of the banks and manufacturing out of Jewish hands. The cash flow went to the country and to the people ... the Jewish Establishment became non-existent in Germany.

Hitler was terribly famous ... to the extent that he was named Man of the Year by Time Magazine. Initially, the Establishment themselves promoted Hitler because he was running a form of “Socialism” ... and Socialism was a political system designed by Karl Marx, a Jew. They wanted to promote Socialism around the world ... so they promoted Hitler. But when they saw the extent of his success and how he Nationalized everything ... there was an urgent need to “terminate Hitler’s Germany”.

Mass Killings of Germans in Poland
These asshole Bankers are war designers. They sit there and hatch up ideas of creating mass killings and wars. They needed another war to destroy Hitler’s Germany. So, they started mass killings of Germans living in villages in Poland at the border with Germany. Hitler resisted initially ... but they started doing this more and more and more. More mass murders and they started rooting out Christian Germans from their lands ... literally inviting Germany for a war. These “mass murders” are an open invitation for war. It is all freaking preplanned. Today you are seeing “ISIS” ... it is run by Israel ... they are following the same concept ... run by the people of the same ideology. They go out there and kill Americans, French and Germans ... why? Only to invite military action from these countries.

Massive Demonization in the American Media
Everything was fine with Hitler ... but once Hitler moved his forces in the Soviet Union in 1941 ... then they immediately changed the whole story. From praising Hitler ... they started demonizing Hitler in the American media. “Hitler is killing children, Hitler is killing Jews and bla bla bla” ... only to save the Communist Soviet Union. They wanted America to bomb Germany again ... this time it was only to save their Communist Soviet Union. If Hitler had taken over the Soviet Union then Communism wouldn’t stand a chance even in China. Communism would have been totally eliminated from the world. They switched their theory and they carried out massive demonization of Hitler only to invite America in the war.

Accomplish Total Termination
They accomplished complete and total termination of Germany. This way they saved Israel from Hitler and Communism from Hitler. It is claimed that Hitler placed dead bodies, faked the suicide and fled to Argentina ... where he lived his remaining life in secrecy.

Today’s America and our lovely President Donald Trump

Well, history teaches us lessons ... some people say. Let’s take a look at today’s America:

  • All major banks are owned by Jewish groups ... just like in Germany before

  • All major corporations and industries are owned by Jewish groups ... just like in Germany before

  • The country is going massively in debt ... just like in Germany before

And then we have our lovely President Donald Trump:

  • He loves his country ... just like Hitler did

  • He loves his people ... just like Hitler did

  • He wants to make his country great again ... just like Hitler did

  • He has a nationalistic approach ... just like Hitler did

  • He aims high job creation ... just like Hitler did

They cannot demonize Trump for bringing jobs back to America. That’s why they gave him racist policies against Blacks, Muslims and Latinos. And they exposed his personal life to a maximum extent to assassinate his character ... only to facilitate revolt, protests and media criticism of Donald Trump ... and create chaos in the country.

If we allow the Jewish Establishment to do what it wants ... very evidently History will repeat itself. Today they already have a secure State of Israel where they house their reserves from the Central Banks. Today they have already shipped most of the world’s manufacturing to China. They have already secured their banks and manufacturing industries. Thus Christian countries like America and Europe ... are worthless for them. They don’t give a damn. They have extracted everything that they needed ... now these countries are crashing in debt. Very soon the focus will come on the Establishment. So their plan is “instead of that happening ... let’s just destroy these countries or maintain them in chaos”.

Which is why “Radical Islam” is at the top of their agenda ... it helps them maintain America and Europe in chaos, fear and insecurity. And to use any and every excuse to worsen relations with Russia. A conflict with Russia will just do the job for good. Russia is also useless for them ... Communism has been eliminated and it does not house the Central Banks. So, pitch Christians against Muslims to maintain them in chaos ... and then pitch one Christian country against another to facilitate total termination. While they sit in Israel and China ... and watch the fireworks.

Some Fun Facts Vampire Movies. You know that most of Hollywood is run by Jewish groups, right? Do you know why they make so many vampire movies and serials? These guys think themselves as “vampires”. A human species that is superior, more talented and capable ... that preys on other humans. That’s what their religion actually tells them ... it teaches them to be wolves and to treat other humans as sheep. That’s why they see themselves as vampires that prey on other humans. And the fun fact is that ... they use this concept to make money out of it. They create a lot of vampire movies and serials ... show it to the Christians that they prey upon ... and then make money out of it. Their religion teaches them to make money and this is one technique. And we dumb Christians and non-Jews sit and watch this and give them awards for this work. Awesome.

Zombie Movies. Do you know what are these zombie movies? Dead people rising ... who are half eaten or decayed ... and fighting against living human beings. Do you know what that is? That’s the nuclear war that they are planning ... they already know that these countries will crash in debt and the way to destroy them is via a nuclear war ... obviously between NATO and Russia. And when Israel and China will have a fabulous survival in this war ... the Christian NATO and Russia will realize that all of this massacre was created by Jewish groups. When these Christian countries will realize this ... they will rise and fight against those who destroyed them ... namely Israel and China. These Christian countries will rise like zombies ... half eaten and decayed ... because they were nuked and their countries became radioactive wastelands. These Christian people will look like zombies on the rise ... and they will shoot them down as easy as shooting down a dead corpse walking. They already know that this is going to happen and they have already made preparations for the same. The fun fact is that ... they are making movies and serials on this concept ... showing it to us and making money out of it. Awesome.

Note for President Barack Obama
We spent several years guiding you on this one. Don’t remain silent because your term is over and that the next President is Republican. Don’t hold back in order to enjoy Trump’s fall. Because it won’t be only Donald Trump falling ... it will be America falling. If we allow the Jewish Establishment to run its course then expect the worst ... because these mass killings and military action will only lead towards chaos and destruction. If Trump falls, America falls. A great Donald Trump will lead to a great America. And you know that he cannot do it on his own. The best advantage that we have right now is ... Russia is on our side ... America and Europe is on our side ... and we have the technology to easily facilitate a global movement to end this Establishment crap for good. We have caught them red handed and we have the advantage in every way on our side. We can win this.

You need to be able to move forward with or without Trump. If Trump supports the program then well and good. If he does not then you need to have alternate strategy to move ahead without him. Elizabeth Warren will be a fantastic lead to work with on this. If you allow Trump to move into a chaotic direction then it will be the end of America. I am sure once Trump knows the policies and the changes that we will make ... how beautiful America will be ... and how massively it will be supported by the American people ... he himself will support the program. Don't sit and wait for the nod from Trump. Move ahead. Trump has a lot to learn ... prepare to lead.

By Active Democracy