A youth group in the New Patriotic Party(NPP) in the Northern region calling itself the New Patriotic Party (CYG-NPP) says the break the eight cycle agenda pushed on social media is not the conviction of all members of the party.

According to the group, it is only a few bootlickers on social media who are championing the agenda and seeking to push it down the throats of the masses

The group indicates that even in 2008 when footsodiers were treated better than now, the NPP could not break the eight cycle and therefore believes that now that the party in power has neglected its base, there will be difficulty in breaking the eight cycle.

The group in a statement said “Majority of NPP grassroots supporters/foot soldiers have the notion that it is better to allow the party back to opposition 2024 than to work to keep it in power for few people at the top to continue enjoying with their families and friends whilst they continue to suffer. Forget about the few amateur bootlickers who are on social media shouting on top of thier voices “BREAK THE 8″. They have no idea what it will take to break the 8. Breaking the 8 is not a child play as the think. They never knew how the party lost power in 2008 but their bosses who were into politics then might know. The party failed to break the 8 then because our grassroots supporters were dissatisfied even though they got better treatment then than now|”.

The youth group said it’s baffling to note that the although the NPP grassroot members who worked to ensure that the party was brought to power are currently unemployed and the few vacancies available are been given to members of the NDC.

“Majority of job opportunities under this government went to our opponents, when you talk people from our side will tell you that those given these opportunities are Ghanaians. As if we were not Ghanaians when we were denied jobs under the pass NDC government,” the statement said.

“You remember us during elections and abandon us when elections are over. You treat us as if we are only election winning machines. The grassroots continue to cry louder and louder yet no one from the top seems to be hearing their cry. If the current political situation in our fold continues till 2024, even if we present an angel as our presidential candidate he will be miserable defeated. Turn your attention to the grassroots supports/foot soldiers. They party can not break the 8 without their support. Please stop insulting our intelligence, we are foot soldiers not foolish soldiers,” they added.