Due to its liberal immigration laws, transparent healthcare facilities, social security benefits, and globally accepting culture, Canada has emerged as the top immigration destination for immigrants who want a quality lifestyle with an ideal work-life balance. To put it in other words, Canada is a peak emigration attraction for its high living standards. In addition, it is a land rich in multiculturalism, cultural diversity, numerous employment opportunities, and outstanding education services that impress almost every immigrant. Above all, the country extends its warmest welcome to the newcomers with utmost hospitality.

Moving to a new country may sound exciting, but the immigration procedure is complicated. It's preferable to get guidance from an experienced professional or a trusted immigration consulting agency in order to obtain the Canada PR in a hassle-free manner. I received a job offer from a Canadian company a couple of months ago. After nearly two years of struggle, I was on cloud nine when I received it. Yes, you read that correctly! I have been attempting to migrate to Canada for over two years, but the entire Canadian journey has been intimidating. Either my application didn't satisfy the eligibility criteria, or my visa got rejected. However, I didn't want to be caught in the midst this time. So, I took up my dream job offer as a plumber.

At the same time, I was confused about the Canada PR and immigration processes and searching for a reliable immigration consulting firm was the most challenging task. It was perplexing because a number of immigration consultancy agencies claimed to assist in obtaining the Canada PR. However, some of my coworkers who immigrated to Canada with the help of a consultant agency suggested that I avail the services of the renowned IELTSMaterial.com Global Immigration Services (GIS), which offers immigrants the fastest and most straightforward way to Canada PR. My coworkers with a NOC B level job were able to secure a Canada PR only with the assistance of the IELTSMaterial.com GIS platform.

To be honest, I was pretty astounded with the IELTSMaterial.com GIS’s reviews on Google. I learnt that the GIS portal had processed over 5000+ PRs, and more than 40,000 students had achieved their desired score in the IELTS. Their credibility was demonstrated on their website, where every client of theirs had commended their consulting services. In spite of the fact that IELTSMaterial.com GIS functions entirely online, they had such laudable testimonials and positive feedback. With sheer excitement of finally finding my Canada PR firm, I immediately signed up for online consultation at the IELTSMaterial.com GIS.

Initially, an expert professional from the IELTSMaterial.com GIS explained the immigration process and the Canadian immigration services offered by them in detail. Later, I was told that I might choose any of their services only if I was satisfied with the telephonic consultation. That was the moment I decided to give it a shot. I opted for their Canada PR and IELTS package. Based on my Canada PR requirement, the expert suggested that I apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program under the Express Entry Program.

To move to Canada, the first stage  is to have the required Canadian immigration points for the Express Entry Program and CRS. So, the GIS expert checked if I met the Federal Skilled Trades Program eligibility requirements and evaluated my CRS score, which was awarded considering my age, work experience under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) B level, educational qualification, language ability in either English or French, and proof of funds.

Since the Canada PR for FTSP requires a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), and IELTS is the widely recognised language proficiency test. So, I attended the online IELTS classes (30 classes), as a part of the package, where the experts became my helping hand. I received one-on-one assistance and personalized coaching from an IELTS trainer and gradually my language skills improved, and I scored the requisite IELTS band score required for my Express Entry Profile.

In addition, the GIS expert gathered all my necessary qualification documents, filled out an online application form, and created my Express Entry Profile for the invitation. Later, the expert guided me to improve my CRS score and revamped my work experience documents to avoid technical difficulties. They also assisted in getting the medical exam documents and police clearance certificates and finally managed my financial and visa documents and processed for the final Canada PR.  With the help of the single dashboard, I was able to view my real-time progress.

The GIS experts made sure that my visa application was fast-tracked and could be processed within six months. Because of IELTSMaterial.com GIS, I received my Invitation to Apply (ITA) from Canadian immigration at the earliest. Overall, I'm glad that I availed myself of the immigration services offered at the IELTSMaterial.com Global Immigration Services (GIS), without whom I wouldn't have been able to settle in Canada. In my perspective, IELTSMaterial.com GIS is one of the best consultants across the nation. Their in-house experts take care of all the issues when it comes to procuring a Canadian visa.

Even though taking my first step towards my immigration journey seemed daunting, the GIS experts effortlessly made my dreams come true. In fact, IELTSMaterial.com GIS didn't just assist me in my Canadian immigration process and PR process; it also prepared me to start my new life in Canada.