News emerged in the early part of the year that the marriage between Kelvin Prince Boateng and wife Melissa Sata was on the verge of collapse.

The American model wife of the German born Ghanaian has really confirmed the ordeal they went through during those times.

"I experienced the end of marriage as a failure. It's something you would never want, "said Melissa Satta to Silvia Toffanin, host of one of the last episodes of " Verissimo " a talk show in Italy.

The showgirl explained how the two found themselves in some way and "saved" the marriage: "After a year we recovered. I cannot guarantee that everything will be perfect, but tomorrow I will be able to say that I tried, at least for our son. Today's young people - he continues - must reflect on the importance of keeping the family together. Being together is a sacrifice and a compromise ”. The showgirl also recalled that she made many sacrifices for her husband, as when he chose to follow him to Germany because of his work.