Why is internet speed so important? You know that Internet speed matters, but you might wonder how much your life depends on a good connection. From playing online games at the sites that are listed on the platform sitesnotongamstop.com where it is possible to enjoy the best online gambling experiences, to how we run our businesses, the Internet has become everything in our lives. It is a critical factor for your happiness and productivity, with much of Ghana’s population relying on it.

How to improve your internet speed is something that you should learn because it can help you improve your speed in doing things on the Internet. The following are some tips that Ghanaians can look to explore and utilize to ensure they are getting the best experiences possible with their internet.

Examining Internet Cable

Internet cables aren't precisely the longest-lasting items ever. They are prone to damage. Your internet connection's performance will be impacted when this happens. If you experience a connectivity issue, it's crucial to inspect the wires properly. The pace of your connection might be slowed down by holes, bends, and rips, so keep an eye out for these.

Even if you take caution when handling the cords, your kids and dogs might not. It is advised to keep the cables out of their reach. This solution is also unsafe if your wire connection is located outside your residence because the internet cable will be vulnerable to wild animals. You can get in touch with your service provider and have them repair the wire if you see that it has been broken.

Getting WiFi Extender

A WiFi extender sometimes referred to as a WiFi booster, is a practical tool that will expand the range of your wireless network. For larger homes, they play a crucial role. Living on a large property may result in frequent spotty or poor WiFi connectivity. And no matter what you do, you won't be able to utilize your internet connection to its full potential.

The WiFi extender is helpful in this situation. With the help of this gadget, the wireless signal will be strengthened, ensuring that you receive the coverage you previously lacked. The WiFi extender is often quite strong and may speed up the connection considerably.

Checking Router

Frequently, poor internet speeds are the fault of your router. Therefore, if you experience a connectivity issue, it is best to examine the device. Rebooting your router is a possibility. Here's how you ought to go about it:

  • Turn off the device

  • Disconnect it from the socket

  • Wait at least thirty seconds.

  • Attach your router to the socket

  • Switch the device on

Your router's cache will be purged when you do this. Hopefully, the issue will be rectified as well. However, you might try positioning your router in a proper location, like at the center of your home, if this doesn't work.

Using Optimal DNS Settings

Your router may not necessarily be to blame for poor internet connection performance. Instead, it occurs due to how the device's internet connection connects to the Internet. Customizing your DNS settings is one approach. After that, you can choose a different server to speed up your internet connection. Here's how to modify your DNS settings:

  • Open the router's web interface in your preferred browser.

  • Enter the login information you should have received from your ISP.

  • Go to the Advanced Settings page.

  • Note down the DNS Server's current address.

  • You may now enter the location of any DNS Server you like.


It's a universal truth: If you don't have good Internet, you're not going to have a good time. A quality internet service provider will ensure you never worry about bad connections again.