A staff of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Ms. Braimah Nafisatu Yeinka, was singled out for praises by a delighted customer after an "excellent service" in her line of duty.

Ms. Braimah, a staff of the Legon branch of GWCL, became a figure of an absolute endorsement as she brought her heart-warming customer care to bare.

The customer (name withheld) had visited the Legon Office of GWCL to lodge a complaint but was wowed by the "sense of urgency" with which Ms. Braimah handled a seemingly overwhelming situation.

The spirited display of professionalism by the young GWCL staff would then compel the observant customer to share her experience with the top hierarchy of the company.

"This is to acknowledge the excellent service I received from Ms. Braimah (I believe that is her name) at the Legon Office," the customer said in a text message to the District Operations Officer, Accra North East, Mr. Allotey.

"When I arrived, there was only one customer ahead of me, but before I could start discussing my multiple issues, dozens of customers came in.

"Ms. Braimah didn't show any sign of the disrespectful attitude that I have been experiencing at most government offices. If she was overwhelmed, she didn't show it. "She welcomed each customer with a smile and quickly handled their issues with a sense of urgency.

"I know my issues will take some time, yet she kept apologizing for the delay. And best of all, she promised to consult with the IT units."

District Operations Officer, Accra East, Mr. Allotey shared the text message he received from the customer

Internal Praises

The endorsement from the customer comes amid a period when some sections of Ghanaian have been raising concerns about the level of in-service training for customer-care staffs of public institutions.

However, the praises showered on Ms. Braimah comes as a feather in the cap of GWCL at a time when Ghanaians are grappling with some challenges with the country's utility providers.
It is not known for how long she has been doing that, but a response from the Commercial Officer for Accra South-East District, Mrs. Irean Tagoe, confirms Mrs Braimah is someone who understands her task.

"Ms. Braimah is someone I have admired whenever she reports for their district at operational meetings," Mrs. Tagoe said.

"You can deduce from her delivery that she has taken her time to learn the job and understands what she is saying." She will go far with that attitude.

"I always see her as one of the young ones that will grow very fast in this company." "Ayekoo, Ms. Braimah."

Meanwhile, other top management members of the company have joined the list of leaders hailing the young lady for rendering top-class services that have brought her to the limelight.

The Chief Manager-Commercial, Mrs. Cynthia Ackah, thanked Ms Braimah for her remarkable image-building feat for the company.

"Well done, pretty lady, for uplifting the image of GWCL and the Commercial Department in particular," she said.

"Some commendation will come your way."

On her part, the president of the Ghana Water Ladies Association, Miss Hannan Abdul Mumin Seinu, took pride in Ms. Braimah's story, urging other staff members to emulate it.

"If one of my ladies has done so well and a customer has praised her this way, it is good news for all of us, and I am happy for that. "Kudos to her," she said.
"All staff should learn from her customer care skills: obedience, focus, politeness, multitasking, and problem solving.
"Congratulations.  "I am so proud of you lady."