Hundreds of homes in the catchment area of the Weija Dam in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region are gradually getting submerged, following the recent spillage of the dam by the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL).

The annual spilling carried out by the Ghana Water Company Limited is meant to release excess water from the dam.

The maximum level of water the dam is built to hold is about 46 feet, but the level came up to 48 feet, thereby threatening its safety, hence the decision to spill.

Although their homes are flooded up to knee-level, residents of Oblogo and Tetegu tell Joy News’ Matilda Wemegah that they have nowhere to go.
Weija floods

A resident tells Matilda the government must come to their aid and construct a good drainage system to prevent the perennial problem.
Weija floods

The Weija Dam sits on the Densu River and is the main water treatment plant for the Greater Accra Region.

Operated by the GWCL, the dam supplies about 80 percent of the potable water for the city and its environs.

Every year, with the onset of the rains, the GWCL spills water from the dam to prevent damage to the facility.

Public Relations Officer of the GWCL, Stanley Martey, told Joy News there was nothing the company could do for the residents living downstream since the safety of the dam was paramount.

“The dam is man-made and it can break at any time. And if that dam is to collapse now, it will wipe all those [communities close to the dam] within seconds and Greater Accra will be without water for close to five years,” he said.