This morning we woke up to a Press Statement by the Ghana Psychological Association, which is the mother body of all professional psychologists in Ghana seeking to condemn a statement purported to have been made by one Counsellor Lutterodt that women with natural hair has psychological issues.

But I would like to ask, has the Ghana Psychological Association seen the viral video in which the President of Ghana is seen almost snubbing the former President of Ghana(his predecessor) at a Public function?

If they have, what is their take on that? Do they condemn it or condone it?
Again, what does that say about the psychological or Mental health of the President?

In the United States, we have seen Mental health specialists, subject the US President to several public diagnosis seeking to assess the mental health and Stability of President Trump. (Ofcourse without his coperation)

They have been able to without even inviting the President for any session been able to make quite accurate assessment of the mental health of the President and has made the results public for all to see or contest!

Unfortunately our medical psychologists are busy responding to a Counsellor whose words has little or no consequences and ignoring the conduct of a President whose actions and in actions has enormous consequences for the whole Country.

I am NOT a Psychologist but by assessing the conduct of the President in the said video alone, I can see a President that is psychologically unstable. (I maybe wrong but that is my observation and you can't take away from me)

But the most important point is, if the President is really mentally unstable, what are the implications?
What are the consequences if your Commander in Chief of your Security Forces is mentally unstable?
What sort of security decision will he take our behalf?
(Let us also not loose sight of the age of the President which is a very important variable in this discussion)

We cannot certainly overlook, the serious undertones in the President's conduct and assume that it is normal, this is NOT normal, this goes beyond the usual rivalry gimmicks that Politicians exhibit all the time, the moral lapses in the President's character has been heavily exposed and we must begin to watch him closely.

We see political opponents from heated radio or tv arguments enter into the nearest drinking spot or coffee shop (after the show) to talk and engage in friendly interactions which leaves observers wandering if really they were the ones who were engaged in that heated argument on air a while ago.(that is the beauty of Politics)

We all know the camaraderie that exists between activits of the two main Political Parties and we have always admonished political leaders to further set good examples for their followers to emulate.
(To take away the tension that has characterised our body Politics)

For the President to choose a forum on security and terrorism to exhibit such acts of needless callousness speaks a lot of silent volumes which we cannot ignore and I hope this piece would be enough to ellicit the intervention of the Ghana Psychological Association to stop the comedy and get to real work and provide us with a thorough assessment of the Psychological and Mental health status of President Akufo Addo and just may be we may still have enough time to save this Country from a pending turmoil!


Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

Ghana Psychological Association