National Democratic Congress (NDC) financier Alfred Agbesi Woyome has touted the benefits of a new GHC35million contract with government predicting that it will create at least 3.4million jobs.

The claim was contained in a press statement reacting to revelations that he has landed another juicy government contract to construct some industrialised parks despite scandalous circumstances surrounding his previous dealings with the state.

Government unsuccessfully prosecuted Woyome for defrauding the state when he was paid GHC51.2million in 2010.

Although the state's criminal prosecution was unsuccessful, a private citizen's civil proceedings at the Supreme Court was and Woyome has been ordered to return the money to the state.

He is yet to do so two years after the court order in 2014.

But this has not stopped government from entering into fresh deals with the businessman who has spent at least five years battling the state in the judgment debt scandal.

Pressure group, OccupyGhana which made the latest revelation about the new contract awarded Woyome in December 2015, is incensed as is a cross-section of the public

But Alfred Woyome has been explaining the new deal and insists he is not getting any money from government as speculated.

He says this new contract is a private public partnership in which his company, Anator Holdings Company, will create 216 "lndustrialized Green Towns in every District" across the country.

His company will be acting as financial engineers and afterwards manage the projects for an unspecified period of time.

In effect, the state is not investing money into the lndustrialized Green Towns, he is rather looking to invest money into the state with the view of helping increase revenue and create jobs, the embattled businessman pointed out.

All the state is doing, he claims, is giving him legal and sovereign backing to go about raising money for the public infrastructure.

"The Government of Ghana is just a facilitator as the main beneficiary in the PPP arrangement without putting in a dime except to gain over US$2.5billion per annum in GDP increase and taxes," the statement said.

The project, Woyome said, will create 50,000 managerial jobs, a minimum of 350,000 direct skilled jobs, and over 3,000,000 direct and indirect unskilled jobs.

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