The National Democratic Congress’ parliamentary aspirant for Tema Central, Ebi Bright, has denied the existence of any nude photos of her in circulation, as a section of the public has questioned her moral uprightness to contest for the legislature.

There are concerns from certain quarters that photos of the actress in bikini on the internet could affect her chances of winning the parliamentary seat.

Setting the records straight on the maiden edition of 505 Extra on Class91.3FM on Monday, October 31, Ms Bright categorically stated that she had no such photos in the public.

“I would like to make a little correction because I think that the more we say the wrong things, the more the perception persists. I do not have nude photos of myself in public circulation. I have photos of myself in swimming costume and these were taken within the context of a beach setting or a pool setting and these are normal attire for those locations. So, I just like to ask Ghanaians to be more critical about the general ways that we address things,” she stated.

“I’m not going to wear a swimming costume here (in the studio), to the market place, or on the street. Neither am I going to wear my kaba or dress which I would often wear into the pool or into the sea. So, I ask people to be very critical, and besides if you are looking for me in my beach wear, I’m sure if you follow me to the beach you will get another shot of me, so I’m not going to promise Ghanaians that I will never wear a swimming costume again. They should get used to the fact that we have to be real.”

Ms Bright is seeking to unseat the incumbent New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament (MP) for Tema Central, Kofi Brako, in the December 7 polls.