Backcasting, do you remember Kwaku Bosam’s Prophecy that Shatta Wale will win international awards this year? And that Shatta shouldn’t bother about all the misunderstanding with Charter House? I know you do vividly remember.

Interestingly, Bonsam’s prophecy has come to pass - Shatta Wale bagging a whole lot of foreign and local awards — many of which he won with others still pending.

Moreso, in something of an unprecedented move in Ghanaian and perhaps world politics, one artist has had two songs appropriated by two parties who are bitter enemies and it’s seen as the most normal thing in the world.

The NDC has taken ‘Mahama Paper’ for themselves whilst the NPP are loving ‘Kakai’.

So Nana Kwaku Bosam is out with another video on Facebook to prove his enemies wrong that his prophecy is authentic.

He went on to advise African Dancehall King, Shatta Wale, to keep a clear mind and stay focused on what he does best.

He further advised Shatta Wale to stop doing profane song. The video is in a mix of English and Twi so your entertainment is guaranteed.