Regina Nuamah, the mother of Ghanaian football sensation Ernest Nuamah, has shared her ultimate aspiration of seeing her son's football career flourish at renowned clubs such as Chelsea FC in the English Premier League or Real Madrid in Spain.

In an interview with Pepe Suarez TV, Regina revealed that she used to be an ardent supporter of two-time UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea.

However, her enthusiasm for the English giants has waned due to their recent decline in performance.

She candidly expressed her sentiments, stating, "If he gets to play for either Real Madrid or Chelsea, I will be very excited.

I used to be a fan of Chelsea, but because they don't put up good performances anymore, I don't have a soft spot for them anymore. It is the big clubs that I want him to play for."

Her dreams for her son's career reflect the aspirations of many football parents who wish to see their children reach the pinnacle of the sport.

Ernest Nuamah, at the age of 19, has already shown great promise at Danish club Nordsjaelland in 2023. With nine goals and four assists in 29 appearances, he has caught the attention of football enthusiasts.

As he continues to develop and showcase his talent on the field, the possibility of playing for top clubs becomes more attainable.

Regina Nuamah's hopes and dreams for her son's career serve as a reminder of the support and encouragement that families provide to young footballers, fostering their ambitions and fueling their determination to succeed at the highest level.