‘God father’ of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone has opened up on how he met his wife, Dr. Zilla Limann. 

The rapper reveals that he got attracted to his wife, Zilla Limann, because of her big boobs.

According to Reggie, he had always been attracted to women with large breasts, so prior to meeting his wife, Zilla, he had heard rumours about a lady who had big boobs and he was dying to meet her.

Luckily for Reggie, Zilla was his dream woman. She had all the specs he yearned for in a woman. In fact, the ‘Hiplife Grandpapa’ loves women with big boobs and his wife was perfect!

He stated that they had met at Boomerang Night Club for the first time where they exchanged pleasantries but did not make anything out of it until they met at another night club for the second time and spoke on and off for for months before finally kicking things off.

Reggie narrated how his friend kept telling him about Zilla till he personally met her.

He said: "My friend kept telling me about her. He said you need to meet this girl you and her will get along. And he knows I love women with big breasts and she was really voluptuous. So that was my first attraction before personality came along"

"The first time I met her was at the Boomerang Night Club in the DJ’s booth. It was DJ Black then behind the turntable and I spotted this pretty lady walking in to the DJ to request some Dancehall music so she could dance with her friends. It was instant attraction," he added.

Reggie and Zilla 18 years ago and dated for two years after their first meeting at the Boomerang Night Club in Accra.

Zilla Limann, daughter of Ghana’s former president, Dr Hilla Limann, is a doctor who now manages Rockstone's Office.

The couple is blessed with three children.