Maverick Politician and Member of Parliament for Assin South, Ken Agyapong has said he would have shot to death the Security Coordinator of Metro Mass Transit (MMT) Company if he were to be the Managing Director, Bennet Aboagye.

According to the financier of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), he would have made the Security Coordinator pay dearly with his life, if he were to be the one whose privacy was invaded.

The Security Coordinator, Fusseini Lawal Laah has confessed to bugging the office of the MMT Boss, Bennet Aboagye by secretly installing a recording device.

Mr Lawal had alleged that he had an audio recording of a conversation in which the managing director and others colluded to dupe the company through the procurement of 300 buses. Among a series of allegations, Mr Lawal threatened to leak the damming audio conversation if Mr Aboagye did not pay him $1 million.

The matter is currently under investigations while the MD has been asked to step aside.

Commenting on the issue on Adom TV Tuesday, a livid Ken Agyepong who’s known for his tough disposition stated that if the MD was truly involved in a shady deal and has been suspended fair deal, but the security coordinator had absolutely no right to have bugged the office.

He called for his immediate arrest.
“The Security Coordinator had the confidence to go and meet with the National Security Coordinator and other big men and has confessed that he bugged the MD’s office. What is going on in this country, and you entertain such person, that guy has to be arrested. He bugged the office and has transcribed all the recording and he’s moving about with it. The guy, I’m warning him, if this country were to be America, they would have taken care of him easily. He’s lucky that we’re loose, and the NPP understands democracy more than Britain and America, so he has the guts to meet with big men and is able to play the tape, what? This is very wrong, if I were Bennet (MMT Boss) by now, [cri cri], I swear to God, I would have taken care of that nigger, what sort of nonsense is going on in this country?” he fumed.