A distressed wife who caught her husband in bed with her 19-year-old girl granddaughter says she could no longer stand the unjust treatment from her man.

The incident happened at Sinza-Madukani in the commercial capital.

After getting a tip-off that her husband had been spotted entering a guest room in the company of a young woman last Thursday, the livid wife, identified only as Shani, looked for police officers, who accompanied her to the guest room.

Upon arriving at the accommodation facility at 9pm, Shani forced her way to the room in which her husband had booked.

With the help of the law enforcement officers, who had accompanied her, Shani broke down the door and found her husband lying on the bed with the teenager right on his side.

“That girl who I have found my husband with is only 19, she is my sister’s granddaughter. That makes her my granddaughter too. The teenager is a Form Four student, who is set to begin her end of secondary school exams on Monday, November 4,” Shani told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

“I have been following up on the alleged relationship between the two for a while now. The girl, in the recent past, told me that my husband was pestering her for a sexual relationship. It was at that point that I decided to investigate his alleged infidelity.

“My granddaughter stays in Mwenge in Dar es Salaam, where she is studying. She often visits us at our home in Kigamboni.

“On this day [Thursday, October 31], my spouse was seen touring different places with my granddaughter. They began their date in Msasini before leaving for Sinza, where they dined and booked a lodging together,” said Shani.

Breaking in tears, she alleged that she had busted her husband cheating on her on separate occasions in the past.

“Why are men doing this to us [women]? I am tired. He has oppressed me for long. Like today, he left me with Tsh3, 000 (Ksh130) and came here to book a room for Tsh50, 000 (Ksh2, 200). She even bought the girl a mobile phone that goes for Tsh200, 000 (Ksh8, 900). I am hurting.

“If he believes he made a mistake in marrying me, then I have made up my mind, I want to leave him! Every day he tells me that I am a prostitute, that I am cheating on him with different men. It is now clear that he was doing that to shield himself from kicking up suspicions on his infidelity.

“I have persevered for many years. I am separating from him. On his phone, I came across many indicators that he was cheating on me.

“Enough is enough! I have cooked for him, washed his clothes… done everything a good wife would, but he is ungrateful. I am hurting. I am tired,” cried Shani.

Kinondoni deputy police commander, Musa Taibu, said they were investigating the woman’s allegations, though it was unlikely that her husband will be charged with any criminal activity.

The woman’s husband is said to have left the lodging in a huff, with his destination not immediately known.